Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy:
If you purchase the product, you can cancel the order for any reason you think is correct, but please contact our customer service within 24 hours (cancel the order after 24 hours, will not be accepted), request cancellation, please title Write: Cancel the order, then attach a screenshot of your order, as well as your recipient's name, contact address and the email address left when the order was purchased. We will receive the email within 2-4 days after the business day. Complete your refund request. When you receive the payment, you need to contact the bank where the credit card is located. For cancellation order, please . Since there are sometimes more customers, please wait patiently, we will Respond to your email within 72 hours and will cancel the order for you.

The order cannot be cancelled in the following cases:
We will arrange the packing and packing of the goods after 24 hours. Due to the large order quantity, we guarantee that you will receive the logistics order number within 48 hours and the website that informs you of the order status. All the products that have been shipped will be Unable to cancel order!!!!